Recent News

  • 07/30/08 Okay so recent is a relative term here. Besides the Windows compatible version of Main Course we've added two new vendor APIs for D&H and Wynit. We've also done a lot of custom projects for a few customers. Building on the vendor interfaces we've created modules to automatically create purchase orders to fulfill your customers' orders and automatically receive on drop-ship POs. We've very recently completed a module which can send e-mails to customers whenever a new invoices is generated and/or send an e-mail account statement. There have also been many EDI interfaces to do and R&R forms and custom reports. We haven't been idle by any measure and all of our customers benefit from the custom work we do so keep the ideas coming.

  • 03/22/02 The first Main Course windows module is ready. The Windows General Ledger will replace your existing DOS G/L module which will be removed from the Main Menu. You will now access the G/L from a normal Windows Shortcut.

  • 06/22/01 There is a demo of the still in development Main Course Windows version available in the downloads section. This is a working demo of the order entry section. We would like to get some feedback on our efforts so far so please take a few moments to check it out.

  • 02/05/01 We will be shipping the rest of the V6.80 Update CDs to all users with support contracts over the next couple of weeks. If you do not have a current support contract you can purchase the upgrade for $950. The list of changes and fixes is available in the downloads area.

    We are currently testing two new EDI Reporting upgrades, one for HP and another for IBM. Both upgrades allow you to report via the Internet. The HP upgrade is $300 and the IBM upgrade is $350.

    Contact Sales to order any of these upgrades.

  • 01/04/01 Once again we've been remiss in updating the news. That's because we've been hard at work on various projects to help you run your business smoothly. Here's what we've been up to in the past year:
  • 01/03/01 There is a fix available for a problem with certain reports which abort if you use a start date of 01/01/01. You can get around the problem without the fix if you just use 01/02/01 as the start date. The modules affected are Accounts Payable: Post A/R to Checkbook, Aging and Future A/P, and Review Open Invoices; Accounts Receivable: Aging Report; Inventory: Physical Count Update; Reports: Sales and Receipts Journal, Sales Journal; Transfer Orders: Shipping and Receiving Reports; Service Manager: Contract Renewal Report.

    The latest version of the software,
    V6.80, fixes the problem and will be shipping to all users current on their support contract over the next month. If you received the V6.80 update already in December you do not have the fixed version, you will have to contact us to get the fix. To get the fix now, send us an e-mail with your request:
  • 12/13/00 The final DOS versions of the Main Course and Service Manager, V6.80, began shipping to users today. You might be interested to know that we've finally put the update onto a CD. All users current on their support contracts will automatically be shipped the update before the end of January. If you are paying support on an hourly basis you will have to contact us to purchase the update, there are quite a few changes which we feel will benefit your business. Send us an e-mail to purchase the update:
  • 12/04/00 Joseph had to move on to other employment opportunities. His unique enthusiasm will be missed around here. We hope everything works out well for him and his family.
  • 11/10/00 Work has been completed on the Interface to Techdata's API. This is a feature similar to the InsideLine for Ingram. You can check price and availability of product and create purchase orders directly on Techdata's system without having to re-enter, fax or phone in the information which is already in your Main Course system.
  • 03/01/00 - 10/31/00 Various custom changes and reports were developed for individual customers. See the V6.80 changes list for those that were included in the general release. The windows version was an on-going effort during this period as well.
  • 02/01/00 We have an as yet unnamed import/export program available which supports various data formats. This allows you to interface with other systems. For example, you may have a web-site which sends you order information that must then be re-entered into the Main Course. With this program the data can be added automatically as it is made available.
  • 01/19/00 A problem was discovered with the patch for the DOS C/S version of McFig. The Patch has been updated.
  • 12/30/99 A minor problem has been discovered in McFig which relates to dates in the year 2000. Patches are available based on your version. Details of the problems are available by clicking on this link.
  • 11/15/99 The Client Server version is on sale until January 15, 2000. During this time you can receive 10% off the cost of the C/S upgrade and also on version upgrades and cross-grades between Novell and NT if you already own the C/S version.
  • 09/03/99 Philip has returned to the good life as a student. He should complete his degree at the end of the spring semester. Now who will liven up the working class here at A.M.I.?
  • 07/27/99 Today we added a new member to the staff here at A.M.I. Joseph Cucurillo is now in charge of marketing and sales for all of the A.M.I. product lines. Look for a call from Joseph soon, he'll be contacting existing clients to introduce himself.
  • 04/19/99 The e-Commerce package is released! You can see it work as a demo or you can use it to place an order with us!
  • 02/04/99 Welcome to the working world Philip Smid-Ariza. Our newest employee will be working through the summer directing your calls to the appropriate person and making sure your shipments go out on time among other things.
  • 01/07/99 The e-Commerce package is scheduled for release in March 1999.
  • 12/23/98 Ingram Micro InsideLine Interface is released.
  • 11/09/98 Service Manager for Windows is scheduled for beta testing in February 1999.
  • 10/26/98 Carl arrives in sunny San Diego. Welcome to the endless summer.
  • 10/22/98 Development has begun on our e-commerce module.
  • 10/16/98 The New Jersey office is officially closed. All correspondence, payments, etc. should be directed to our new location, 1940 Garnet Ave. Suite 305, San Diego, CA 92109, (619)272-5875, Fax: (619)272-7480.
  • 8/26/98 Beta testing has begun on the interface to Ingram's IMDSI system which provides you with on-line price and availability and the ability to transmit your Purchase Orders directly to Ingram and get back Ingrams Order number and ETA dates if the stock is not on-hand.
  • 7/23/98 Fletcher P. Reynolds has joined the AMI team as a Tech Support specialist. Welcome aboard Fletch!
  • 7/15/98 We sent another batch of MC V6.60 updates out this week. If all goes well we will be mailing out updates for everyone who is current on their support contracts in early September. You can view a list of changes by clicking this link, V6.60 Changes
  • 04/03/98 The sales push is still on for the Client Server version of AMI which now supports NT Server (it's still a DOS application though). If you're not using it now you should. We're using the Advantage Database Server to achieve Client/Server reliability without the big price tag. The NT version must use the IPX protocol. We're planning to have an IP version available soon.