Main Course Windows General Ledger

The first Main Course windows module is ready. The Windows General Ledger will replace your existing DOS G/L module which will be removed from the Main Menu. You will now access the G/L from a normal Windows Shortcut.

The look and feel of the system is very similar to McFig Windows. Tables are editted in MDI windows using Tab controls to break the information up into manageable sections. Standard windows controls are used and forms and some reports are generated using the R&R Report Writer.

New or Enhanced Features
  • Full 32-bit application ensuring greater compatibility with W2K and NT.
  • Reports enhanced to take full advantage of the Windows print drivers.
  • Balance Sheet report with financial ratios.
  • Ability to seamlessly add your own customized versions of any of the reports to the program.
  • Automatic postings for A/R and A/P can be done to a prior period or fiscal year.
  • "Drill down" ability for viewing the detail of the automatic postings. You can also "drill down" for Trial postings.
  • Enhanced account maintenance: view the budgets, auto-distribution, detail and trial transactions all from the same screen.