McFig Y2K Update

  • McFig DOS: If you have McFig for DOS V6.70P (multi-user) click this link. If you have McFig for DOS V6.70A (client/server) click this link. If you have any other version of McFig DOS youmust contact us for an update.

    To install either patch, first make a backup of your existing program, MCFIG.EXE, from the McFig folder on your system. If you have a regular daily backup that includes all files in the McFig folder then that will be sufficient. The patch is a self-extracting Zip file. You can select "open it" in your e-mail program or double click the file in explorer if you saved it to a folder. When prompted for the "Unzip to folder" enter or select the folder where McFig is installed. Answer yes when prompted to overwrite.
  • McFig Windows: Someone in your company should already have received an e-mail of the update from A.M.I. If you have not received this e-mail or cannot track it down, please contact us to receive it. The update you receive is a normal windows based setup program, just open or double-click SETUP.EXE or SETUPA.EXE whichever you received.