Main Course Windows Demo

The Main Course Windows Demo is being distributed for two reasons. The first is to assure our loyal customers that there is indeed work being done to produce a windows version. The second reason is to elicit user feedback about the product while it is still in development so that we can deal with any significant issues early. One thing we are already aware of and are working on is the overall performance. Since the program is now a 32-bit application it will require at least W95 and a Pentium II or III processor. Even so we are working to make the performance acceptable on older Pentium machines as well.

The look and feel of the system is very similar to McFig Windows. Tables are editted in MDI windows using Tab controls to break the information up into manageable sections. Standard windows controls are used and forms and some reports are generated using the R&R Report Writer.


What's included:
  • Billing Addresses: All functionality except reports.
  • Shipping Addresses: All functionality except reports.
  • Order Entry: Limited functionality:
  • You cannot add items from EC or add items to the product list.
  • You cannot process or invoice.
  • You cannot enter deposits.
  • You cannot search by PO number or Alternate PO numbers.
  • Some differences from McFig:
  • Full 32-bit application ensuring greater compatibility with W2K and NT.
  • Consistent operation of accelerator (short-cut) keys.
  • Enter key no longer advances to the next control. The standard windows Tab key must be used to advance between controls.
  • Line items are editted in the browser control rather than in a separate dialog window. We are considering adding a dialog also. Your thoughts would be appreciated here.
  • Windows Date/Time Picker control used for date entry. This gives you a pop-up calender for choosing a date. (You can still type it in if you wish).
  • Download it now.