Changes in Version 6.80 11/10/2000

Here is a brief list of changes, a full list of changes and fixes will be available soon in a windows help file format.

  • Product Lookup Window has a new feature to show the source of the demand and on-order figures. Just hit Alt-D to view the sales and purchase orders for the current product.

  • You can now search for orders by the shipto address.

  • User defined invoice forms.

  • Reprint a range of invoice numbers.

  • Added a costing method based on PO-DO allocations.

  • Extensive credit checking options.

  • Order Review allows scrolling between orders for the same customer.

  • Sales Reports sorted by department and alternate PO fields.

  • Automatic PO generation screen allows multiple users.

  • Option to assign freight in cost to orders during PO-DO allocation. The cost is included in the payment screen when an order is invoiced.

  • Purchase Orders can have a separate "Order from" and "Bill to" vendor.

  • McFig Windows: View multiple forms at once.