McFig Changes/Fixes 1/24/01 - 6/17/01

  • Windows Version
  • Line Item Entry
    Revision 1.59 3/23/01
    The product code field might not scroll to display all of the characters entered even though they would be accepted.
  • Copy a Quote
    Revision 1.59 3/23/01
    Added a choice of copying a quote with the original costs instead of updating them to the current cost automatically.
  • Export to Main Course
    Revision 1.59 4/19/01
    It was possible in certain circumstances to circumvent the checks against exporting K-to-Keep items.
  • Credit Checking
    Revision 1.59 5/21/01
    Fixed this function so that it does not try to check the credit for Prospect customers. This would cause an error "AMI/0 database ordproc not open".
  • Create a Quote
    Revision 1.59 6/15/01
    Fixed the problem where the tax exempt number for a customer was not put into the special instructions as it was in the DOS version of McFig.
  • Copy a Quote
    Revision 1.59 7/23/01
    If a user's access levels were set so that he could not add items to the product list and he could not add k to keep items, then the following sequence of actions would result in an item being exported with inventory set to false which would appear as a K to Keep item.
    1. Create a quote and add an item from the EC list - this would add to the quote as K to Keep but in EC list, the system will catch this at time of export.
    2. Add this product to the Main Course list - this had to be done by some other user.
    3. Copy the quote from step 1 and answer "no" to the "Use current prices" question.
    4. Export the quote from step 3.
    The problem occurs at the copy a quote step, it did not update the "inventory" flag for the new quote. It also affects the McFigDOS. This has been fixed in both versions.
  • DOS Version and Windows Compatible DOS version (MCFIGDOS.EXE)
  • Credit Checking
    Revision 6.80 2/01/01 (DOS only)
    If a customer had an aging limit you would get a DOS error 2 on account.dbf.
  • Command Line Execution
    Revision 6.80 4/16/01 (MCFIGDOS 7.05)
    Added support for keystroke macros which can be executed from the command line to allow for batch operation of some McFig functions.
  • Copy a Quote
    Revision 7.05 7/23/01 (MCFIGDOS only)
    See description with same date under Windows version.